Need to Freshen Up Your Patio?

Need to Freshen Up Your Patio?

Schedule pressure washing services in Summerville, SC or the surrounding areas

Dirty patios can become a breeding ground for pests and hazardous substances like mold and algae. You know you need to keep your patio clean, but pressure washing it yourself can be time-consuming. Window King is here to help. We offer with pressure washing services in Summerville, SC and surrounding areas.

Whether your patio is made of wood or cement, we'll make it look new. Call 843-300-4180 now to get your free estimate for pressure washing services.

Enjoy your patio in peace

When your patio is clean, you'll feel better about using it to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Our pressure washing experts will make sure your patio stays free of...

  • Spiders - we'll knock down their webbing
  • Mold and mildew - we'll wash away standing water and built-up grime
  • Wasp and bird's nests - we'll remove these homes before their occupants cause problems
Enjoy your yard without encountering pests and risking health problems. Schedule patio pressure washing services today.